Technological Innovation

  • Main Technology

  • R&D testing platform

  • Research Institute

Formed mining, iron making, steel making, rolling and deep processing of the whole process of iron and steel manufacturing technology.

  • Clean production technology
  • Green mine development technology
  • Low cost iron making technology
  • The technology of the platform for clean steel pro
  • Automatic steelmaking technology
  • Heavy plate production technology
  • Production Technology of Ultra-Thin Hot Rolled Coi
  • Production technology of high-tech automotive sheet
  • High quality special steel bar production technolo
  • V-Ti magnetite smelting technology

Clean production technology

Implemented a series of energy saving and emission reduction technologies, such as advanced dust suppression and dust removal, steel slag gas quenching, CDQ, TRT, waste heat and pressure utilization of sintering and BOF, comprehensive utilization of coal gas, sintering flue gas desulfurization, Consumption of urban middle water as a supplementary water and wastewater advanced treatment and reuse, solid waste comprehensive utilization, et al. Reached the international advanced level, considered as the model of the coordinated development between steel mills and the city. 

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